Tuesday, March 20, 2007

How far the North of BC has dropped

The part of BC from Cache Creek and northwards has had a significant population drop

  • 1996 350000
  • 2001 340000
  • 2006 320000

By looking at the whole region - Prince Rupert and the whole Hwy 16 corridor, the Prince George region, the Peace and the Cariboo, you remove the individual variations of towns and look at a province sized and diversified area.

the population fall is also a problem because the relative amount of BC's population that is in this area is falling. As of the 2006 census, this region has fallen to 7.8% of BC from 9.4% in 1996.

  • This region is the heart of Canada's forest industry
  • This region has the biggest expansion in mining in Canada at the moment
  • Oil and gas is big in this area.

And the population is falling......

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